Taiwan-Japan technical cooperation in R&D and production across Europe and the U.S. International OEMs

  In addition to being an importer of health food raw materials, Ever Serve located in Taichung City, Taiwan, has built its own health food factory in compliance with HACCP, ISO22000, ISO9001, GMP, and HALAL certification and other safety certifications, and provides OEM or extraction and fermentation OEM services, which is the first choice for health food OEM for many biotech companies. The factory is specialized in providing health food OEM, ODM professional one-stop OEM service for health food biotech companies and entrepreneurs, including market analysis, health care raw materials, patented formulas, innovative research and development, multiple dosage forms, product manufacturing, technical services, packaging design (graphic display) and other integrated health food OEM service, which can meet the needs of customers, and provide the health food biotech companies with the most stringent standards of food safety by means of professional knowledge, upholding the honesty and integrity, and providing the health food OEM or extract fermentation OEM service. With professional knowledge, integrity, and the most stringent standards of food safety, we provide health food biotechnology companies with high-quality, stable, safe, and effective health food OEM services.


 Ever Serve, located in Taichung City, Taiwan, provides OEM and ODM health food OEM or extract fermentation OEM services for customers in 20 countries around the world, and its products are widely used in a variety of fields such as general food, health food and dietary supplements. We have launched a wide range of health food products, including fermented and extracted health food ingredients, comprehensive active fruit enzymes, nattokinase, red yeast, probiotics, collagen, and all kinds of functional beverages (including complex polysaccharides such as camphor, Wyndham, lingzhi, turmeric, mulberry Yellow, Cordyceps sinensis, Hericium erinaceus, and Maitake mushrooms, mushroom polysaccharides); and polysaccharides enzyme beauty care products and daily necessities, including β-GLUCAN enzyme soap, bath soap, moisturizing mask, and moisturizing gel. Functional Toothpaste (Probiotic Toothpaste, Turmeric Toothpaste, Enzyme Toothpaste, etc.), Shampoo Soap, Shampoo Gel, Body Wash, and so on.

  n order to become a GMP-compliant health food packaging factory, Ever Serve OEM Factory has set up a variety of health food shaped pouches (for liquids and beverages), stand-up pouches/penguin packs (for liquids and beverages), and aluminum foil pouches (for powder packs) filling lines in a clean environment under the high specifications of pharmaceutical factories, and has become a GMP-compliant health food packaging factory, which provides various types of health food dosage forms of OEM and ODM, as well as customized and professional health food packaging OEM services:


OEM Items OEM Types
Extraction OEM Wine Extraction, Water Extraction, Supercritical Extraction
Fermentation OEM Mushrooms, lactobacilli (probiotics), microbial fermentation, etc.
OEM of all kinds of health care products Functional jellies, functional beverages, tablets, powders, (liquid) capsules, meal replacement packets, tea bags, etc.
Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Biotechnology OEM Microbial additives, nutritional additives, complex additives, feed additives, comprehensive nutritional dosage formulations, health care formulas for all kinds of pet animals, nutritional supplements for poultry and livestock (animal nutrition), etc.
OEM beauty care products Polysaccharide Enzyme Nutritional Products (Masks, Serums, Lotion, Creams, Gels), Daily Products and Cleaning Products (Enzyme Toothpaste / Facial Soap / Facial Cleansing Soap / Bath Soap / Shampoo / Body Wash / Conditioning Oil, etc.)


The following is an analysis of the health food market in Taiwan in 2023.
  In recent years, people's awareness of preventive healthcare has increased dramatically, and the demand for health food is gradually becoming younger. According to the statistics of Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2020, health food has been growing continuously for five years, and its output value has exceeded tens of billions of dollars; the Food Industry Development Research Institute has also pointed out that the Taiwan health food market will reach $159.6 billion in 2021, with an overall growth rate of 5.6%; even overseas companies, The Business Research Company also pointed out that the global functional food market is estimated to reach $228.8 billion by 2025, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 8%, showing that the demand for health and nutritional food and the consumer market continue to expand, and there are huge business opportunities.

Most searched efficacy keywords by consumers

  According to tmtpost 2019 Health Content Communication Trend Report, weight loss, nutrition and sleep are the three most searched keywords by consumers, so the output of these three efficacy products is expected to increase dramatically in the market, and become the first choice of efficacy products developed by health food industry.


The level of domestic fermentation technology and product R&D capability has been recognized internationally with the advancement of biotechnology, and many well-known manufacturers have even undertaken international OEM work. Lactobacillus fermentation products (probiotics) have shown the most significant growth rate in health food products. With regard to the efficacy of lactobacilli (probiotics), experts have determined that the top three potential lactobacilli strains for future efficacy are immune regulation, gastrointestinal health, and weight control.

According to the results of Grain Research Institute's 2021 survey on the current situation of the domestic health and nutrition food industry, the top three channels through which health food companies are mainly distributing their products are the Internet, pharmacies and supermarkets, convenient stores, and mass merchandisers. Because of the epidemic, most of the direct sales companies have started to integrate the digital sales model. This shows that the future sales of health and nutritional foods will be developed through a contactless business model.
一、Failure to grasp the health food market dynamic

The selection of health food products from dosage forms, flavors, channels to packaging design are all key factors affecting the sales volume and dynamics of the health food market; health food OEM Ever Serve is able to clearly grasp the current business opportunities and create the most unique products with the most market segmentation for its customers.

二、Unfamiliarity with domestic and foreign health food laws and regulations

Domestic and foreign health food laws and regulations are complicated, the use of raw materials and health food packaging and labeling regulations must strictly comply with the provisions of the country of production and sale; health food OEM factory Ever Serve can provide one-stop health food OEM services, regulatory consulting and product education and training, to assist customers to apply for domestic or mainland China and other countries of health food related documents, certificates and labels.

三、Difficulty in obtaining health food ingredient

Food ingredients come from all over the world, from a variety of sources, and it is impossible to accurately compare the differences in ingredients and efficacy; health food foundry – Ever Serve can make the first step of quality control for customers with the most stringent and strict safety standards, and help customers to find the safest and most effective health food ingredients

四、The pressure to bear the risk of inventory
Self-production needs to take into account a variety of bottles, packaging materials, raw materials inventory pressure, in addition to the need to strictly adhere to the domestic warehouse management regulations, worried about the lack of adequate storage space to store inventory; health food OEM factory – Ever Serve can provide a small amount of food OEM, a full range of health food OEM services, so that customers are free from the pressure of inventory.

五、The formula is not effectiv
Always develop a variety of health food but again and again useless, cannot get the feedback of consumers experience; health food OEM factory – Ever Serve team based on scientific theory, the most scientifically proven selection of health care raw materials and the ratio of gold, effective dosage, to develop a unique and innovative and effective formulas

How to choose a health food OEM?
1. Have professional R&D background, production equipment, good integrity and reputation.
2. Ensure that there are professional certifications (HACCP, ISO22000, ISO9001, FDA, GMP, HALAL) and strict quality control.
3. Whether there is an internal laboratory in the factory, which is capable of carrying out various stages of product testing and inspection, to ensure the stability and safety of the products.
4. Through the professional R&D team, we can accurately use the key raw materials to do the research and development of the professional formulas. Through professional analysis to select the appropriate type of agent
5. Mass production stage must be in accordance with the production SOP, to ensure the stability of the finished product and the consistency of quality, to provide customers with the most secure and guaranteed one-stop service.


Taiwan-Japan technical cooperation in R&D and production across Europe and the U.S. International OEMs


     Our team spans from Master Dietitians, Regulatory, Global Strategic Sourcing, R&D, Production Management, Package Design, Marketing, Business Sales, and the dosage forms of Tablets, Hard Capsules, Soft Capsules, Liquid Capsules, Functional Drinks, and Powders, Ever Serve is one of the few OEM factories in the industry in Taiwan that has a complete OEM team and OEM experience in various dosage forms, and we also provide a small amount of OEM service for health foods in response to the demand of the market.
   With a global network of partners and the ability to develop raw material formulations, Ever Serve not only supplies raw materials to domestic enterprises, but also has the honor of signing long-term contracts with the world's top ten companies, including Japan, the United States, the European Union, China, Southeast Asia, etc., and has become Asia's designated mass-production manufacturing plants and distribution centers; if you are interested in developing your own brand, Ever Serve in Taichung, Taiwan's health food foundry is the ideal partner for the OEM of health food products for many biotechnology companies. We are the preferred partner for many biotech companies to develop their own brands.


  Healthcare Functional Ingredients: Based on our advanced research and development technology of comprehensive enzymes, mushroom complex polysaccharides, and plant extracts, we develop high-end innovative ingredients with market potential.

Owned industrial plant (factory complex introduction): We have advanced and complete high-standard production facilities for health food products, with more than 600 tons of fully automatic fermentation tanks and extraction tanks.
  •  Core technology: Dr. professional R & D team, with 8 professional health food R & D core technology, to develop high quality, excellent effect and value-added products.
  • OEM Process: We have developed a complete one-stop OEM service process from negotiation and proposal, formula design, sampling and production to packaging and delivery.
  • OEM products: health food for joints, health food for beauty, health food for eyes, health food for men.
  • OEM dosage forms: functional jellies, functional beverages, tablets, powders, liquid capsules, meal replacement packs, tea bags and other health food dosage forms.
  • Small amount of OEM: light customized orders, easy to start a business, the whole process of counseling customers from new product development to the product launch of the problem of discussion.

Health Food OEM One-Stop Service

Ever Serve not only provides a wide variety of health food products, the most important thing is to provide excellent and complete all-round service system, health food OEM recommended one-stop service, the establishment of a professional division of labor, from product development to the end of the customer product consulting (pre-sale communication, during the sale of counseling, after-sales service), Ever Serve full support accompanied to lower the threshold of the customer's entry into the market.
  • Professional nutritionists and cosmetologists provide marketing analysis.
  • Complete product education and training and QA
  • Food approval, certification and trademark application
  • Third party notary public inspection
Why should I choose Health Food One-Stop Service? What is included in the service
One-stop OEM service for health food, save your precious time and build your own brand easily.

Professionalism is the key to competitiveness! With nearly 40 years of health food OEM experience and a background as a professional health food OEM in Taichung, we are able to keep abreast of the health food market dynamics, and most importantly, we have a complete lineup of high-standard fully automated production equipment, PhD research and development team, and a strong team of dietitians and nutritionists. We provide professional formulation design, dosage form discussion, product sampling, package discussion, quotation and contract signing, package design, and regulatory audits, From professional formula design, regulatory audit, product manufacturing, quality control, safety inspection, shipment packaging, export documentation, marketing information, product professional education and training to product QA, we provide professional and complete one-stop OEM service for health food products, and also provide OEM service for small quantity of health food products, effectively integrating the most suitable products for your specialties.
Ever Serve has cooperated with various universities, academic institutions, and medical colleges at home and abroad in many clinical studies, and has a professional R&D team of health food products in various research fields (including professionals in pharmacy, microbiology, nutrition, food, and cosmetology, etc.). Over the past 40 years, Ever Serve has been adhering to the R&D principle of "Golden Ratio, Effective Dosage", which is complemented by advanced and mature manufacturing technology, precise and high-precision automatic production equipment, and optimal fermentation efficiency and strict high quality. With advanced and matured process technology, precise and high-standard fully automatic production equipment, optimized fermentation efficiency and strict high quality, we have rich experience and results in R&D and OEM of fermented functional foods and extracted functional foods. Currently, we are cooperating with major international manufacturers in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. We are also a long-term supplier of healthcare raw materials designated by well-known domestic pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, food and health food manufacturers, and we are able to provide stable supply of high-quality and competitive healthcare functional raw materials.
Ever Serve strictly selects all kinds of novel functional ingredients for health food products and provides OEM service for health food products. We set up a variety of packaging and filling lines in a high specification clean environment of a pharmaceutical company, and integrate OEM and ODM services for all kinds of health food products, so as to create creative, innovative and cost-effective health food products for customers.


  • Q.是否承接保健食品少量代工?代工的最低訂購量(MOQ)是多少?
  • A.長利奈米有承接少量代工之服務,讓客戶輕鬆打造自有品牌,且降低庫存囤貨之風險。最低訂購量會因產品劑型不同而異。