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Ever Serve Nano listens to the needs of its customers

Stability and Practicality, Quality FirstWe hope to connect each effort with the gratefulness with each of you, and heart injected into each product. Ever Serve Nano is your home. The General Manager of Ever Serve Nano is adhering to the business philosophy of steady and practical, quality first, and responsible to consumers, and with the professionalism and success of Ever Serve's large family team, and step by step operation, we will be strict, sincere, and heartfelt in treating each and every customer to take care of the health of you and your family.

"Natural, Healthy, Effective, Safe" Insist on Sustainable Management
The words of the founder of Ever Serve Nano with natural, healthy, effective, safe and adhere to sustainable management in recent years, health and wellness, the concept of natural environmental protection gradually attracted the attention of the public, "the pursuit of health" is the expectation of modern people, with the advancement of science and technology and processing technology, resulting in food safety and environmental protection issues, and now, countries gradually advocate the natural treatment, emphasizing the way of health and wellness, advocating the absorption of nutrients from natural foods. But nowadays food has been contaminated, destroying the nutrient content of the food, so health care biotechnology has become an indispensable health supply station for modern people.
In view of this, in recent years, Ever Serve Nano Biotechnology has been more committed to research and development and innovation, and on the other hand, will be more than 30 years of the concept and products passed down again and again, so that more people can get healthy, when you see more people to benefit from the results of health care biotechnology industry, the inner satisfaction and achievement that is the source of support for the sustainable operation of the enterprise and the driving force, Ever Serve will be adhering to the original center of the idea of natural, healthy, effective, safe and adhere to the sustainable management.
Ever Serve Company Profile
The former 天一果實業Industry Co., Ltd. was officially renamed as Ever Serve Nano Bio-technology Co., Ltd. on June 9, 2003, after the integration and reorganization of various parties in order to respond to the wide and increasing customer base and the addition of new technical teams. Ever Serve Nano Bio-technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to biotechnology research and development for nearly 40 years, with production plants of Chinese and Japanese biotechnology research and development teams, with professional R & D and mass production capabilities, and is committed to becoming an "international fermentation mass production experts" to provide high-quality raw materials for health food products and health food OEM production.

長利奈米保健食品代工廠通過ISO、GMP、 HACCP等專業認證
The health food OEM factory has set up internationally certified high-tech R&D laboratories and mass production facilities for health food production in the Southern Taiwan Science Park and the Sinying Industrial Park. Combining modern management and automated production with continuous innovation and breakthroughs, the factory has developed a number of special functional ingredients, and has been awarded with many patents, international invention awards, and professional literature, which has resulted in international recognition of the quality of its products and its R&D and mass production techniques, and accelerated its internationalization, and has made it possible for Ever Serve Nano to become the world's first-rate health food OEM factory and a supplier of raw materials for health food products.

The factory of the Southern Taiwan Science Park has advanced and complete high-standard production equipments for health food products, including 2 fully automatic fermentation tanks of 55 tons, 2 tanks of 50 tons, 2 tanks of 66 tons, 4 extraction and concentration tanks of 50 tons, etc., as well as centrifuges, dialysis modules, freeze-drying and other related equipments for isolation and purification processes; new factory in the Southern Taiwan Science Park has also built a complete packaging line for health food products, which provides one-stop OEM service from raw materials of health food products, formula design, packaging design, sampling, trial manufacturing, mass-production filling, and packaging in boxes.


Ever Serve Nano Biotech not only provides a wide variety of health food OEMs, but also provides an excellent and complete all-around service system and establishes a professional division of labor. From new product development to end customer product consultation (pre-sale communication, in-sale counseling, and after-sale service), Ever Serve Nano Biotech accompanies health food biotech partners all the way to lower the threshold of entering the market and grasp the business opportunities.


  • - Marketing analysis by professional nutritionists and cosmetologists
    - Complete product education and training and QA
    - Food approval, certification and trademark application for quick sales
    - Third-party notary public inspection and quality control

Business and Service Philosophy
Good Together

After nearly forty years of efforts, Ever Serve Nano Biotech will utilize the accumulated successful experience and integration of resources to plan and deploy the province's regional distribution network with the division of labor between production and marketing, and the cooperation network spreads all over the world, and the customer base includes major channel distributors, direct distributors, health food and biotechnology companies, medical institutions, group purchasers, organic stores, chain SPA/salon, media industry, entertainment, TV shopping, etc. We are looking forward to developing more high-quality, high-performance, and high-quality products with a high degree of professionalism and insistence on continuous innovation, and we are looking forward to creating a win-win-win situation with our customers and end-consumers.


Ever Serve Nano Biotech is operating with the insistence of quality satisfaction guarantee and the service concept of customer's affirmation, and has won the customers' loyal trust and affirmative support through deep cultivation and careful care. We hope that with the professionalism and successful experience of our team, we will operate step by step, and develop into an enterprise image and leading brand in the professional marketing of health care functional foods and beauty care products, and we are convinced that professional talents are definitely the biggest pillar of our business operation, and we will play the role of a professional manager and product developer, and we will strengthen the cooperation of our dealer team to provide our enterprise with the most competitive management strategy. We will use the most competitive business management strategy to strengthen the cooperation of our distributor team and create prosperous business opportunities for the lifeblood of the company's sustainable operation.

Ever Serve Nano Trusted Health Food OEM Specialist
Ever Serve Nano Biotech is the best partner for health food biotech companies.
We are strict and attentive to everyone and everything, taking safety and quality as our main considerations, constantly improving our service quality and pursuing high-quality products to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction.

Ever Serve Nano produces and sells all series of health food raw materials in-house. We initiates raw material management from the manufacturing source, and produces the products under strict control of plant specifications and equipment, and strictly requires environmental and cross-pollution prevention measures during the manufacturing process, and in-plant inspections to ensure stable product quality, safe manufacturing, and product safety.
Professional health food formulation design capabilities, the deployment of samples with good taste, smooth, high market and consumer acceptance, the importance of product safety and effectiveness, formulations are designed based on the principles of "golden ratio" and "effective dose", after a rigorous assessment of the R & D, the implementation of the sampling process, and began mass production, to provide professional health food OEM services.

I. Professional Production Technology
We have international-level professional technology and strong R&D capability: quality assurance, so that countries around the world trust, entrusted to become the exclusive health food fermentation OEM factory and health food extraction OEM factory.
- Cooperation targets and countries: Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, the United Kingdom, France, the Middle East and so on.


Certifications and Awards

Many international certificates and awards received by Ever Serve Nano

Several production technology patents

National Quality Gold Medal Award

ISO 22000, ISO 9001, HACCP double international food quality certification.

HALAL International certification.

Leading the industry in obtaining GMP certification (capsule, liquid and powder).

U.S. FDA certification

Gold Medal Award at WiC Korea.

Gold Medal Award at the Tokyo International Invention Show

Safety certified by SGS, TAF, and other international notary organizations.

Many human and animal clinical experiments, excellent efficacy.